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Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling’s charm, playability, and admiration for its source material work in tandem to create a satisfying and rewarding wrestling game experience, which history shows is no small feat. Advertisements

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The only true stinker of the early Disk System titles, Vollyball is composed entirely of esoteric mechanics and half-baked design choices that make the game a near-unplayable mess. Nintendo missed the mark, and future vollyball games would do it much, … Continue reading

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  Originally a Famicom cartridge release, Soccer plays surprising well for its age. Nintendo RD&D1 succeeded in synthesizing a robust and entertaining adaptation of the worlds most popular sport.

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  More important for the mechanics that it pioneered than for the game itself, Golf is another example of how Nintendo was truly innovative and had a knack for creating game play concepts that would be later become industry standards.

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  Tennis. You guessed it, it’s Tennis. One of Nintendo’s simple yet dependable early sports titles actually introduced some new ideas that took video tennis well beyond the Pong-styled clones previously tasked with representing the sport.

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Baseball is lacklustre, at times boring, often frustrating and an overall badly dated video game experience whose importance lies not in lasting innovation, but rather in unique historical context.

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